Adobe launches new design and dev suites

31 03 2007

There seems to be improved cross application support. eg Photoshop straight to flash… Something that I have wanted for along time. And of course flash 9 and AS3… I can’t wait to get my hands on it. There a are a few different suites to chose from. Of course the web development one interests me the most. For all you fireworks users out there such as myself it is still included. Cause we all know it is unparalleled for layouts.

It ships with

Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional,
Adobe Dreamweaver® CS3,
Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended,
Adobe Illustrator® CS3,
Adobe Contribute® CS3,
Adobe Fireworks® CS3,
Adobe Acrobat® 8 Professional,
Adobe Bridge CS3, which also offers direct access to Adobe Version Cue® CS3,
Adobe Stock Photos, Adobe Device Central CS3, and Adobe Acrobat Connect™.

I will post a full review once I have it in my hot little hands.

Note: it is only preorders at the moment.

Find out more here






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