16 08 2008

Hey all this is my new site.

I allows people to make there own site for free mych like wordpress but better as all the themes are car related.


removeChild and removeChildAt memory fun

11 02 2008 has a great new article about the way to use removeChild and removeChildAt

removeChild and removeChildAt memory fun

Email Validation

6 02 2008

Here is a base email validation class for AS2

function validateEmail(emailStr:String) {
var errorCount:Number = 0;
//check to see if there are at least two chars be for the @ symbol
if (emailStr.indexOf(“@”)<2) {
//check that the @ is not within 2 chars of .
if (emailStr.lastIndexOf(“.”)<=(emailStr.lastIndexOf(“@”)+2)) {
//check length eg min
if (emailStr.length<8) {
//check there is only one @
if (emailStr.indexOf(“@”) != emailStr.lastIndexOf(“@”)) {
// return a T/F to the flash file
if (errorCount == 0) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

//to use it
trace(“EMAIL VALID”);

Adobe Labs – Adobe Flex Builder Linux Public Alpha

4 02 2008

Flex Builder Comes to Linux

Flex Builder Linux is a plugin-only version of the Flex Builder that you can use to build Flex applications on Linux. We wanted to get an early release out with the base Flex Builder features so you could begin to provide us with your feedback and let us know your priorities for additional features.

Adobe Labs – Adobe Flex Builder Linux Public Alpha

A Sweet idea to help out guys with Valentine’s Day.

4 02 2008

Haha if you cant find anything for your girl friend try this.

This is meant to be a secret, or at least a secret for guys only. A retailer in New Zealand is pulling a Valentine’s Day Stunt that all guys can get in on.

I thought it was kinda a sweet idea.

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iPhone Source

18 07 2007

According to Slashdot has a sweet list of applications for you to use on your new iPhone. There are some very cool aps out there.

Check it :


16 06 2007 has launched a new section of its site today. It allows users to share, download and flash source files free of charge and restrictions. One of the first flash applications to go up is a sweet drawing app. Check it out